CavalryFireFire Emblem: Heroes Wiki
File:30px-Icon Rarity 2.pngFile:30px-Icon Rarity 3.pngFile:30px-Icon Rarity 4.png
File:30px-Icon Rarity 5.pngFile:Example.jpgFile:Favicon.ico
File:Full Attack Alfonse.pngFile:Full Injured Alfonse.pngFile:Full Portrait Alfonse.png
File:Full Portrait Caeda.pngFile:Full Special Alfonse.pngFile:Icon Class Red Beast.png
File:Icon Class Red Sword.pngFile:Icon Class Red Tome.pngFile:Icon Move Armored.png
File:Icon Move Cavalry.pngFile:Icon Move Flying.pngFile:Icon Move Infantry.png
File:Icon Portrait Alfonse.pngFile:Icon Portrait Caeda.pngFile:Icon Portrait Cain.png
File:Icon Portrait Chrom.pngFile:Icon Portrait Corrin (M).pngFile:Icon Portrait Draug.png
File:Icon Portrait Eliwood.pngFile:Icon Portrait Fir.pngFile:Icon Portrait Hana.png
File:Icon Portrait Henry.pngFile:Icon Portrait Hinata.pngFile:Icon Portrait Laslow.png
File:Icon Portrait Leo.pngFile:Icon Portrait Lilina.pngFile:Icon Portrait Lonqu.png
File:Icon Portrait Lucina.pngFile:Icon Portrait Lyn.pngFile:Icon Portrait Marth.png
File:Icon Portrait Navarre.pngFile:Icon Portrait Oguma.pngFile:Icon Portrait Olivia.png
File:Icon Portrait Palla.pngFile:Icon Portrait Raigh.pngFile:Icon Portrait Roy.png
File:Icon Portrait Ryoma.pngFile:Icon Portrait Selena.pngFile:Icon Portrait Sophia.png
File:Icon Portrait Stahl.pngFile:Icon Portrait Tharja.pngFile:Icon Portrait Tiki.png
File:Icon Portrait Tiki (Young).pngFile:Icon Portrait Xander.pngFile:Icon Portrait Zephiel.png

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